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Are you overpaying your employees?

We keep track of fluctuations between currencies to save you money by keeping a fixed rate for paychecks.

The date of the first payment to the employee
The money earned by the employee on each payment.

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Joining Zipery gives you access to even more options to manage and track your employee's payements.

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Get updates

Get updates when rates change!

Decide how often you want to know what is happening. Set daily, weekly or monthly notifications on the status of the currency rate for your employee's payments.


Analyze & Track how much you saved.

Zipery allows you to enter and see statistics for your employee overtime so you can easily track and how much money payment adjustment saved you over the time.

Integrate with Hubstaff

Integrate with Hubstaff.

Integrate Zipery with Hubstaff and get real time rates of every employee's payement rate. Once the rate changes you can adjust the payement your employee will receive.

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